Pressure Vests means No Stress!

Posted by Chava H. OTR/L on Nov 10th 2020

It has been a long month! This Covid-19 pandemic seems endless and it feels like forever since my last post. I am thankful to be back again and ready to share!

We recently launched again our Adapt-Ease Sensory Calming Pressure Vest. To be honest, we launched this product around a year ago and it sold so well, and it helped so many people that we decided to create but even better exclusive for your child. 

The main question people always want to know is who needs a pressure vest? Whats it for? How long should it be worn for?

The answers are really simple. The vest provides pressure like a hug and is intended to calming. Its helpful for mood and maintaining attention. It is also beneficial for children with special needs including but not limited to Autism, ADD, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. 

The vests should not be worn the entire day and should be worn in increments. One should follow the guidelines provided to them by their Occupational Therapist. 

I believe the vests are especially helpful during these homeschool days when we are anxiously looking for calming techniques in our home environment.

Take a look at ours and see if this can help you in your home :)

I hope everyone is staying safe and well!