Childrens Sensory Body Sock Awareness Pod

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Swaddling is a natural comfort that we experience from birth. Children's body awareness pod is designed to support sensory processing in children that utilize their senses more readily to perform everyday task. The heavy duty stretch and elasticity allows children to move unobstructed while exploring in the safety and comfort of a pod that triggers natural relaxation and recognition experienced at birth. Activities you can do with the body sock: 1) play relay races while wearing the body sock. 2) Play freeze dance while wearing body sock. 3) Use as a relaxing tool when child experiencing sensory overload. 3) Crawl over pillows and through tunnels with body sock. 4) Play a board game and puzzles while wearing body sock.

  • Excellent Tool for Sensory Processing, Spatial Exploration and Autism Sensory Aide
  • Sensory Processing Sack Designed to Relieve Motor Clumsiness
  • Constructed from polyester & spandex - helpful for children with low muscle tone
  • Features a quality and heavy duty overlap seam with Velcro closure
  • Appropriate for children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), ADD, ADHD and autism