Ergonomic Writing Slant Board

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The Adapt Ease Ergonomic Writing Slant Board is designed to give early learners a comfortable learning start. The ergonomic design reduces strain on the neck and eyes as well as enables learners to practice for extended periods more comfortably. No more hunching over work and worksheets as the raised slanted board offers abundant workspace for writing, reading, and studying.

IMPROVE READING & WRITING - Slanted and raised writing platform offers abundant space for fluid and easy motion for early learners. Also, Excellent tool for occupational therapists and teachers.

ERGONOMIC – Slant boards improve postures and handwriting legibility; optimal positioning decreases strain and fatigue while improving endurance so you can work longer

DURABLE - Crack resistant polycarbonate construction for on-the-go learning. BPA free.

REMOVABLE CLIP – Durable clip hardware easily secures stacks of paper and books for hands free learning.

NON-SLIP – Long rubber strip provides good non-slip properties between work surfaces and is easy to clean with a wipeWrite a description


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