Resistance Pinch Exerciser Finger Grip Strengthening Clothespins

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As caregivers, there’s nothing as important as bringing up your children in the best possible manner, helping them develop into adults with highly refined cognitive and physical abilities and this activity set is designed especially to help your kids develop well-coordinated fine motor skill abilities. Adapt-Ease Resistance Clothepins Set includes 9 Clips (in three varying degrees of resistance) , Each clip is color marked by resistive strength. The varying resistances of the clips allow you to adjust the activity for each child. Your child is able to succeed with the simpler clips, gain the confidence and gradually use the harder ones with the same confidence. Downgrade the activity and use with younger children by only using lighter resistive clothespins. Adapt-Ease Resistance Set helps increase finger and hand strength, coordination and is a fun developmental activity.

  • GREAT THERAPY TOOL: Perfect for Occupational Therapists to Help Improve Hand/Finger Strength
  • NINE PIECE SET: Includes Nine Resistance Clips
  • IMPROVE PINCH STRENGTH AND COORDINATION: Three Levels Of Resistance Help Improve Finger Strength
  • POUCH - Includes Convenient Storage Pouch