Weighted Compression Sensory Therapy Blanket

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Provide calming sensory input and tactile stimulation by using a weighted blanket. Calms nervous energy during the day and/or before bed. The gentle compression helps organize your child’s sensory input, which calms the body’s “fight or flight” response. This is helpful in calming and preventing sensory meltdowns and settling hyperactivity of children.

The blanket is smaller than a regular blanket so that the weight is distributed across the body rather than the bed in order to concentrate the deep pressure on the body.

Promotes and Increases sensory integration and motor planning. The heavy blanket is a proprioceptive sensory tool for joints and muscles. Your child can feel their body beneath the blanket, which strengthens coordination and spatial awareness.

The weighted blanket provides Deep Touch Pressure and sensory stimulation for children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Asperger’s, anxiety, autism and ADHD. This proprioceptive sensory tool is perfect for children who crave physical touch, but are unable to tolerate physical contact.

Made using soft fabric that's incredibly sturdy-it won't rip or tear over time. This soft tactile cover further encourages calming down for a good night sleep. Easy to clean, simply remove the duvet cover from the blanket and wash.

Available in two sizes 5LB and 7 LB Designed to weigh 10-12 % of your child’s body weight. The compression blanket evenly distributes weight to your child’s body.

Note: never place the blanket over the face - A weighted blanket provides additional warmth, you may want to keep room temperatures at level that prevents wearers from overheating.